Parent –Teacher Association (PTA)


Parent –Teacher Association (PTA) was established in 1996 to promote the principle of equal emphasis on family and school education. The PTA has 11 teachers and 35 parents. The Lutheran Life Church Pastor and Members also participate and support PTA. PTA will use phone and internet to send information and contact parents.



The purpose of PTA is to support the parents in their children’s upbringing and care in the spirit of Christ’s love. The PTA helps to develop strong relationships with the school and parents as they build up a healthy family for the children to grow in happiness and peace.    


PTA Team:

Honorary Advisor、Advisor、Chairman、Vice Chairman、Treasurer、Clerical、Librarian、Design、Recreation、 General Affairs.


Activities of PTA:

  1. Parents course: at least once per semester
  2. Weekend activities: about once to twice per month
  3. Friends meeting: about once per month


Join the PTA:

PTA will notice how to renew the membership and new member procedure this year. Membership is valid to 30th September, 2024. Become a PTA member to get a membership card.